We are a small group of well-trained, very experienced, dedicated professional acupuncturists who strongly believe in the wholesomeness of each individual and the inseparable unity between spiritual, emotional, and physical health. We also believe in the energy communication between acupuncturists and patients.

As you enter our center, you will surely feel the relaxing and healing energy in the office and you will find each one of us compassionate, sincere, knowledgeable, professional, and skillful. We have only one intention and that is to make you feel better, healthier, happier and well balanced.

We have treated almost all health conditions, from allergies, sinusitis, headaches, IBS, back and neck pain to diabetes and nerve pain. The fact that more than 80% of our new patients come from referral each year speaks of our service on its own.  We have had great success in treating infertility with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.